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God is here to protect you, even in the darkest of times.

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Honore' Nicole

She is a proud mother to two sons and is pursuing her Master's Degree in Theology. This is her first book.

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About the book

A Mandatory Protection: Spiritual Fitness for Daily Living

Cover of 'A Mandatory Protection: Spiritual Fitness for Daily Living'

Have YOU ever felt unprotected?

In today's real world, a significant amount of people are dealing with unaddressed fears, competitive agendas, depressions, impure motives, pains, self-judging, sickness, and traumas that are rooted and resonating deeply within the minds and hearts of God's people, all around the globe.

Everyone wants and needs to experience: safety, acceptance, and to be embraced with genuine love. The need for these desires is bigger — than ethnicity, titles, blood types, power, prestige, and ranking status in society.

At the core of this three-part Bible study, Honore' utilizes twelve Biblical scriptures, with emphasis on the reality of "deep issues" taking place in the real world. However, she highlights how the grace and value of God's supernatural protection is for YOU, regardless of the dark chaos happening globally, regardless of what culture is saying in this age and time, regardless of your circumstances, or regardless of your location.

One thing Honore' Nicloe has learned is this: "The protection of God is not common, it is not always visible, recognizable, or understandable, but it is appointed and mandatory through his glory."

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About the Author

Honore' Nicole

Photo of author Honore' Nicole

Honore' Nicole is a mother of two brilliant sons first, but through life experiences she has learned to acknowledge and recognize the greatest gift of God's protection extended to her through the overflowing grace of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She has earned Associate and Bachelor's Degrees in Christian Ministry with a minor in Biblical Studies. As she continues to pursue her Master's of Theology, you'll learn why she is certain that God's divine protection is all around her, all over her, within her, and goes far beyond her. As a first-time author, she desires for this Bible Study to travel across the globe and become a bestselling study. She knows God's protection is for everyone, but only a few understand it, attain it, and apply it. Her family's roots are ruminating in a nearby city outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, and she is confident that God gave her the faith and wisdom to write this study, so in her daily life, she is consciously allowing the protection of God to just BE.